DIY Face Masks

Several people have asked us about sewing masks since my family began this project last week. We are donating our 100 percent cotton masks to nursing home and hospital employees. We are working as fast as we can, with fabric and elastic packets from JoAnn Fabrics, which are free to anyone who wants a kit. They ask that once the masks are completed you return them to a store, or donate them to health care professionals. 

If you want to volunteer to make much needed protective masks, here's a tutorial. Thank you to Shonte Alce and Mishael Benta who are helping in this effort along with my mom, Angela Tuck, sister Imani Tuck, and children, Austin and Olivia. This is truly a three-generation effort! 

Stay safe out there!

Material List:

- 100 percent cotton fabric (prewash)

- Elastic

- Scissors or a rotary cutter

- A cutting mat (optional)

- Straight pins

Step 1:

Cut one 10" x 12" rectangle.

Step 2:

Fold the fabric in half hamburger style. Iron in place.

Step 3:

Place one piece of elastic in between the fold.

Step 4:

Pin elastic in place. Using a 1/2" seam allowance, sew along the left short side of the fabric stopping in half way down. Reach in between the layers and pull the loose end of the elastic. Pin it in the bottom corner.

Step 4:

Continue sewing around the perimeter of the layers, securing the elastic in the bottom corner. When you reach the bottom side, sew until you are 1" from the center.

Step 5.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other side of the fabric.

In the next step, you will flip the fabric right side out. Here is where you can insert a filter if needed. Some people suggest using tissue paper or a coffee filter. You can also use THIS material found at Home Depot. The filter needs to be taken apart. That filtration material is recommended for medical staff working in hospitals.

Step 6:

Turn mask right side out and press with an iron.

Step 7:

Fold a few pleats on each side of the mask. Pin in place.

Step 8:

Top stitch around the perimeter of the mask.

Step 9:

Fold mask in half, right side together. Keeping the mask together, sew a small dart along the center of the fold at the top and bottom of the mask.

Please identify a nursing home or hospital in the area where you can donate the masks. These masks can also be used doing lawn work to fight the pollen. Many are in need because of the virus. Thanks for reading and stay safe out there! #Psalm27